At The NYC Dog Walking Company, we offer flexible walking plans to meet your needs. Our dog walk rates are designed to be affordable while providing your pet with the best possible care.

15 Minute Walk

Our 15 minute dog walks are perfect for quick potty breaks or giving your pooch a little midday exercise. A 15 minute walk is $12.

What’s included:

  • 15 minutes of walking time
  • Potty break
  • Fresh water
  • Belly rubs and cuddles!

30 Minute Walk

Our 30 minute dog walks provide excellent exercise and bonding time for your dog. This is our most popular service. A 30 minute dog walk is $18.

What’s included:

  • 30 minutes of walking time
  • Potty break
  • Time to sniff and explore
  • Refreshing water
  • Quality one-on-one play and affection

We also offer longer 60 minute walks for high energy pups, daily walks, puppy visits, and other specialized services. Please reach out if you’re looking for a custom plan for your dog!

Our walks are competitively priced and allow us to fully care for each pet. We can’t wait to walk your dog! Contact us today to get started.