Our Walkers


David has been in the dog walking industry for over 10 years. He has extensive experience walking dogs and pet-setting. There is not a breed, large or small he hasn't seen. He grew up with dogs and had over 100 5-star ratings at his previous employer!


Raul is from Los Angeles and was a one time chef! He walks for us and grew up with pitbulls. He loves all dogs and often handles our bigger breeds for us!


Janini as well is from Los Angeles and an excellent musician! She is the ultimate professional and love, love, love dogs. Seriously, she will treat your dog as her own! We are so lucky to have her!


Daniel has been walking dogs for over ten years as well as helping with our cat sitting service (NewYorkCityCatSitters.com). We can't express how awesome he is, and how reliable. Owners constantly recommend Danny to other customers.


Sarah works as a consultant but also loves dogs so much that in her spare time she helps us out! Sarah is kind and loving and has a great energy with puppies! 


Jean is a visiting student from France and loving being in the city. He loves dogs and loves walking them to go on little adventures. Walking dogs helps him learn the city with some great, new friends!


We do our absolute best to give you the same walker each walk, we want your dog to develop a relationship with the walker. But walkers sometimes cannot make it to work for various reasons. We usually have back-ups who are on our staff to cover the walks. In the extremely rare occasion we cannot find a back-up walker on our staff we either 1) use a service such as Task-Rabbit to walk the dog, or 2) we cancel the walk and give you the next 3 walks free of charge. 

Also, we do our best to find walkers who can commit to the job for up to six months. But dog walking is usually not a long term job. Most of our walkers are students or work in the evenings at other jobs. Still, unlike big faceless dog walking companies, you will have people you can contact and mostly consistent dog walkers.