Meet and Greet Info


THE BIG THING: The big thing is to just show them you are a normal person lol. That you love dogs and that you are responsible.

FOR THINGS YOU DO NOT KNOW: Any answers you do not know you can direct to us

WALK WINDOWS: All walks are in a 2 hour window. Usually 11 to 1, or 12 to 2, or 1 to 3. With puppies we’ll do our best to show up at an exact time!

COMMUNICATION: We pride ourselves and great communication. We respond quickly and consistently. We create group texts with Dylan, Angela, the walkers, and the owners so we make sure someone sees any message that comes to us (in the event of one person’s phone dying). It also helps with coordination.

CORONA VIRUS: We take the virus seriously. Our walkers do not walk if they have any symptoms. We make sure we constantly wash our hands and carry hand sanitizer. We also refrain from letting people pet your dog(s) on our walks. If there is anything else you want us to do, please let us know!


*Do you work with puppies and/or train dogs? 

Answer: We work with a lot of puppies but we are not official trainers. We will help in anyway we can however. Usually the best training is to just get walking with the dog and get them in a routine.

*Do you have GPS tracking?

We currently do not use GPS tracking for our walks.

*How do I pay? 

The Company invoices every two weeks, you can ask Dylan and Angela for more details.

*Will I have the same walker? 
Yes, we do our best to have the same walker 99% of the time. However, other walkers are on call to be back-ups. We recommend putting our company name as the entity allowed to check out a key if you live in a doorman building. The NYC Dog Walking Company.


*The first month is $13 for 30 minutes

*Then it jumps to $16 for 30 minutes

-Rates for longer walkers are found on our rates page.

-We offer no discount for walks more than 30 minutes.


*If the owner wants an in-home puppy visit, then it’s $12 for 20 minutes.


*We are insured and bonded


*We accept Venmo, PayPal, Cash, Check. Sorry no credit or debit cards.